3D Modeling

Our Expertise in 3D models

Our team is dedicated to produce 3D models of stages, decors, custom stands & bill boards. We are also affluent in creating prototypes of kiosks and similar 3D renders to help companies develop their new products.

3D models

We provide 3d modeling services for architectural, technology, anatomy & furniture.

3d modeling

3D prototypes

We provide 3d prototyping services, where we help you develop your products. We also provide a 3d printed model if required.


We design and develop kiosks with variable functions. We have developed multiple kiosks for many government entities, we are partnered with TACME, who program these kiosks for usage. 

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3D platforms & stages

We successfully develop platforms for events and conferences. Our designs attractive and efficient, they can be easily moved from place to place and we make sure the materials used are not damaged easily.

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