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Smart electronic design or edesign is a digital design agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We offer branding and marketing solutions to Government & Corporate entities.

We aim to research variable opportunities and strategies for producing innovative and successful solutions. We break through common norms, use new media & smart technologies to provide a more specialized and aesthetic service.

Enriched by a team of talented designers and strategists, edesign offers its humble services to produce the finest products for our clients.


At edesign, we thrive to provide quality and good service which helps the community. We believe the growth of any community contingents on the smallest of its parts.

We uphold honesty and integrity in every project we work on, in addition we are committed to the work we take up; it is important to us that we deliver the finest of quality to the exact measure of the client’s expectations. Our policy is to respect our client’s request and provide solutions instead of looking only at symptoms. Above all we make sure to submit and provide the required services as per schedule; as it is vital for our client, it is crucial for us.

At Smart Electronic Design – edesign, we hold on to these values and remain loyal to our clients. It is important to us that we build our brand explicitly on the core values of the company. We strive forward to serve our community better. Let us know how we can help you can and bring solutions to your problems.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

-Albert Einstien

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