Our Expertise in Branding & Digital Marketing

We provide tailor made solutions for your branding and digital marketing needs. Branding is the value of the business, we help to build your brand verbally and visually and create strong brand equity. edesign is here to help develop your brand to see its positive and successful future.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines is a document which clearly states the values, tones and logo of a business. It determines how and when the logo of the business must be used. At edesign we help produce brand guidelines for startup companies as well as help update brand guidelines for existing companies.

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Social media strategy

The brand and the value of a business can be developed through social media platforms. We provide services to boost likes, shares, write articles and place your business on appropriate platforms which will help you increase the value of your business.

Logo design & development

A logo is not a brand of a company but a symbol that represents the business, it can be type, or complex shapes or just a mere stroke, the idea is to embed the symbol so that it’s not forgotten. Our well experienced graphic designers use their techniques to help you discover the logo which best represents your business. 

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Campaign strategy

We help sell the value of the business. Campaigns help establish this value, we help to come up with strategies that are memorable and efficient and also help execute these projects.

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