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99% of the material on the internet is video; video consumption has increased due to multiple social media platforms. A single video can make or break a campaign. The video production team at edesign create researched content which will provide results. Our artists concoct scripts, storyboards & screenplays. Our expertise is in creating infographic animations, corporate videos & motion graphics.


The screen play is the first document to be written after the script is approved. This document will determine the action or the sequences of the events which need to take place. Our screenplay writers convert the script to a well written screenplay so that it can be sent to the art department for storyboarding.

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The art department reviews the screenplay and develops the storyboard which include character creation, environment development. This presentation will give the client a clear idea about the video to be made.


After the storyboard is approved, the animation team develops a draft video which determines the style and structure of the video. The animation team continue to create the final output until approved by the client. 

We also create gifs and quick online advertisement 2D animations.

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Corporate video

Corporate videos are important videos which help increase the value of the business. These are friendly videos describing the activities & events of the company, it also highlights the initiatives taken by the company. These quick videos can be uploaded on social media platforms to increase business visibility. 

Promotional video/commercials

Promo videos & commercials are more professionally developed videos which help sell a particular product or service. The video production is done professionally with perfection with the aid of renowned directors. These videos are also advertised on particular platforms to generate maximum sales. 


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